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OK so I don’t know how many people this is going to affect but my most popular post is about the maritime provinces so there’s a chance it may get around to the people who need to see it.

For anyone who hasn’t been updated on the situation, Moncton is still on lockdown. The picture above is of the shooter, he is 24, armed, dangerous, and still at large. RCMP officials are urging residents to refrain from using social media to detail where police are situated because they don’t know if he is actively using said information to stay hidden. Some reports suggest a possibility of 2 shooters, so remain vigilant.

So far he has killed 3 RCMP officers and shot at least 2 civilians, one of which has been reported to be the parent of 3 children.

If you are in Moncton, lock your doors and windows. Stay away from your windows. Call 911 if you see this man. Don’t go outside. Don’t go to the hospital unless you require immediate medical assistance or are an immediate family member of one of the critically ill.

If you are not in the Moncton area, stay away from the Moncton area. Cancel any vacation plans to there, extend vacation plans if it keeps you away. If you are driving in the area, try to stay as close to the Trans-Canada highway or farther from the city as you can. Reroute if your travel plans initially had you traversing the city.

If you have family members in the area like I do, try to get in contact with them, but don’t be alarmed if they don’t respond. Everyone is very rightfully terrified. The city has been on lockdown for over 12 hours, people are dead, and the shooter has been spotted in residential neighbourhoods. Citizens are trying to remain as hidden as possible until the ordeal is over, and that may mean not answering their phones and not checking in on social media.

Please stay safe, the situation is being handled by the RCMP as best as they can but it is still a very dangerous predicament. If you see the shooter, call 911 and stay away from doors and windows. Don’t record on social media where police are present. And please, for the love of God, do not go outside unless you absolutely have to.



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